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  • Who backs you up

    when the power goes down?

    A power outage has the potential to be catastrophic, and the institutions that protect us understand this. That's why they rely on the ever-dependable, quiet-running quality of Cummins Standby Generators. And it's why you should, too.

    Cummins Standby Generators
  • Cummins backs up

    fire departments.

    Cummins Standby Generators
  • Hospitals, too.

    Cummins Standby Generators
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Perfecting the science of silence.

Good fences might make good neighbors, but so do quiet generators. And while it's true any generator can power your home, if it doesn't do it quietly it's not doing it right. Watch and see how Cummins puts its generators through meticulous testing to make sure your home is the quietest on the block.

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